300mm Double Winding Slitting MillC8008-3/ZF Upgrade

用途 Application


This machine is suitable for applied to slit the metal belt longitudinally and wind the siltted strips. This machine is operated easily. It can slit in high quality and has high material utilization rate.

主要技术参数 Main technical parameters

剪切带料厚度 Belt slitting thickness           0.05mm~0.5mm (有色金属达 non-ferrous metals  0.8mm)

剪切宽度 Slitting width                                     Max305mm

原料外径 Raw material OD                             MaxΦ800mm

原料卷内径 Raw material ID                       Φ250mm~Φ520mm

原料卷重量 Raw material reel weight                 Max750KG

剪切宽度 Slitted strip width                    Min 3mm(厚度0.4mm以下 thickness is less than 0.4mm)

刀具尺寸 Blade size                               Φ60mm×Φ125mm×B

切割速度 Slitting speed                    60m/min(交流变频无级调速 AC variable frequency stepless speed control)

切割条数 Slitting strips        12 条 strips(按普碳钢考核 based on plain carbon steel)

剪切精度 Slitting precision        宽度 width±0.05mm  镰刀弯 camber≤1mm/M(最小宽度10mm考核 based on Min. width 10mm)

收卷内径 Take-up ID:                       Φ150mm ;Φ250mm

电机 Motor:                        剪切 slitting 1.5KW;收卷 take-up 2.2KW

设备净重 Machine Net. weight :                 3000KG