TYJ-160 Sleeve Capacitor Core Lap Former (J8616-2/ZF)

1. 卷绕长度 Winding length                    ≦16m

2. 卷绕成品直径 Winding product diameter                最大 Max. Ф650mm

3. 芯管外径范围 OD range of the core tube                Ф81~Ф150mm

4. 芯管内径范围 ID range of the core tube              Ф51~Ф130mm

5. 芯管最大长度 Max. length of the core tube                16m

6. 卷绕芯子(工件)最大重量 Max. core weight       4吨 tons

7. 包扎纸带 Bandaging tape

宽度 Width                90mm

纸卷外径 OD of the paper coil            Ф470mm

纸卷内径 ID of the paper coil            Ф76mm

平板纸带厚度 Flat paper tape         0.09~0.13mm

皱纹纸带厚度 Crepe paper tape         0.305mm;延伸率 Elongation 55%

8. 放纸小车一次可装纸盘6盘纸卷;可装铝箔卷1盘

6 paper coils can be installed in the paper seeding car; 1 aluminum foil coil can be installed

9. 纸带张力检测与调整

平板纸带 Flat paper tape              自动/手动调整 Automatically/Manually adjustment

皱纹纸带 Crepe paper tape              自动调整 Automatically adjustment

10. 放纸小车的行走速度与主轴转速按工艺要求匹配,叠包率:50%±0.5mm

The moving speed of the paper sending car matches with the rotation of the main shaft according to the process requirements.  Overlapping ratio: 50%±0.5mm

11. 车头中心高 The height of the head center           1180mm

12. 主轴10~240rpm无级调速,有刹车离合装置

10-240rpm stepless speed adjustment for the main shaft; with the brake clutch device

13. 配有静电消除装置,自动消除纸卷表面静电

It has  electrostatic eliminator which can eliminator static electricity from  the paper surface automatically

14. 配有加热辊,最高温度300℃±20℃,自动控温

It contains heating roll; Max. temperature is 300℃±20℃; automatic temperature control

15. 配有烘灯,烘烤长度16m,加热管双排26根。距离工件200mm处温度为70±5℃

It has the oven lamp with 16m bake length. 26 pcs of the heating tubes in two rows. The temperature is 70±5℃ 200mm away from the workpiece

16. 配有自动激光标线,两端定位,距离15m。自动移动范围,左端0-7300mm,右端4200-15000mm;标线重复精度1mm

It has the automatic laser marking  positioning in two ends. The distance is 15 m. the automatic moving range, left end 0-7300mm, right end 4200-15000mm; Marking repeatability is 1mm