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Invite business and attract investment
Micro-electronic element manufacturing equipment
Semiconductor material processing equipment
Mechanical environment and reliability testing equipment
Electronic parts manufacturing equipment
Cable and wire processing equipment
Plate and strip materials precision processing equipment
Electricity lamp-house equipment
Tungsten and molybdenum materials processing equipment
Petroleum and steel tube manufacturing equipment
Precision machine tool and ball screw etc
Invite business and attract investment(招商引资)   

  The Northwest Machine Co., Ltd. has the export freedom right, which is sanctified by the foreign economy and trade department of China. Since the cooperation has the export and import certificate in 1994, about 700 products have been export to more than 20 countries in USA, Germany, Japan, France, Russia and Singapore etc. Main export products are as follows: slitter series equipment, cable and wire processing equipment, tungsten and molybdenum wire forging and drawing equipment, multi-position finished series equipment etc. It has great reputation of foreign customers.

  Recently, along with the further foreign opening of China, according the national economic situation, the Northwest Machine Co., Ltd. actively adjusts the product structure, fully exerts the strong unit develop and research ability and perfect machining methods, and machining the big equipments such as steel-tube product line and metal strip product line etc. which come from Bronx of America and Mongragon of Spain, and produces the products of America GE, Italy Aerocote, Singapore Precision machine Co. Ltd, America Tache etc. The company has strong international ability, and international influence will be extended continually.

   Welcome customers of all over the world to cooperate with us, and we will have a good future.

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