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The Northwest Machine CO., LTD.-Development course   

  The Northwest Machine Co., Ltd. is reformed from the Northwest Machine Factory. It is found in 1940, named as “The Northwest Machine Factory of Yongxing Industry Stock Ltd”, it was belong to the family cooperation of Song Ziwen and Kong Xiangxi, and the mainly produces were spinning and weaving machine, processing machine tool etc.

  On July 1949, Baoji area was liberated, the factory renames as the Northwest Machine Factory, belonged to state. It belonged the Northwest people’s company; On Oct., it was managed by the Northwest military arm-department. On Aug. 1950, it belonged the country spin of industry department. During the time of resist-American and rescue-Korea, the company produced not only the spin machines and communication equipments but also produced the artillery, guns and news-equipment etc.

   On Sep. 1955, the company belonged to the second mechanical industry department, started to research and develop electronic industry equipments. From 1958 to 1963, the company produced the electronic special equipments of mechanical environment testing, semiconductor, electric vacuum and electro power etc. At the same time, it researched the products of Al-foil fine rolling machine, paper and metallized machine and electromagnetic vibration machine. From 1964 to 1979, the company took change of the special equipments from Korea, Cuba, Albania, Vietnam and Rumania etc. And took on the task of charry-film resistance, semiconductor pipe, plug and quartz crystal etc., and the black and white kinescope line was the head line. From sixty years to eighty years, it researched the products of 20kg electro-dynamic vibration machine; 15kg bump testing, 5kg mechanical vibration machine, 3kg centrifugal acceleration testing, 1kg shock testing, sheet single crystal furnace, big single crystal furnace, automatic coater and automatic negative etc.

  On May 1982, the company belonged to the electronic industry and it belonged to Shaanxi electronic information group in 1987. From 1980s to 1990s, it researched the new products with the guiding of “introduce, absorb, develop and innovate”, and took on the task of big IC equipments, glass bulb, TV picture tube and various electric special equipments. Some products won state, province awards, such as big IC line, TV tube line, 50kg mechanical vibration machine, sine vibrate testing apparatus, 100kg mechanical vibration machine, digital random vibration system, 50kg bump testing, fine drawing machine, double coreless coiling machine, single winding slitter, gold ball welding machine, high yield carding machine and fine carding system, and silica processing system won the state technical award; micro-control coreless coiling machine and wafer processing system won the awards of “state new product” and “the key new product of state”.

  Through changing the managing system in 1997, the speed of new products and technical level developed fast. There are ten types of products as follows: micro-electronic element manufacturing equipment, semiconductor material processing equipment, mechanical environment and reliability testing equipment, electronic parts manufacturing equipment, cable and wire processing equipment, plate and strip materials precision processing equipment, electricity lamp-house equipment, tungsten and molybdenum materials processing equipment, petroleum and steel tube manufacturing equipment, precision machine tool and ball screw etc. The products have great reputation in China and also have been export to more than 20 countries in USA, Germany, Japan, France, Russia and Singapore etc. Since 2000, the company built CAD, ERP net system and improved the old products. Though the think of “special, precise, unusual, new and excellent”, developed new products. The products of high-speed metalized film slitter, 1600mm slitter, fine Si-Al wire drawing machine, big current mutual inductor ring-coil winding machine won “the third of Shaanxi Sci-tech award”; the technique of 50000N electro-dynamic vibration machine, 8〞silica corrosion cleaning system, three-axes 1000kg swaying machine, shock testing system, automatic vacuum wafer machine and 8〞dicing saw kept ahead in domestic. And the company also took part in the “Shenzhou” item, contributing for the space flight in China.

  On Jan. 2008, through the debt change into stock, the company reformed into the Northwest Machine Co., Ltd. The shareholders are Shaanxi Electronic Information Group, China Huarong Asset Management Corporation, China Electronic System Engineering Corp. and China Cinda Asset Management Corporation.

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