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Micro-electronic element manufacturing equipment
Semiconductor material processing equipment
Mechanical environment and reliability testing equipment
Electronic parts manufacturing equipment
Cable and wire processing equipment
Plate and strip materials precision processing equipment
Electricity lamp-house equipment
Tungsten and molybdenum materials processing equipment
Petroleum and steel tube manufacturing equipment
Precision machine tool and ball screw etc
The trade different Countries(国际贸易)   

    The Northwest Machine Co., Ltd is an ente4rprise with the certificate of approval for enterprise with foreign trade rights issued by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC. Since first gaining of the certificate in 1994, the Northwest Machine Company has exported more than 700 sets (units) of products to more than 20 countries like USA, German, Japan, France, Russia, Singapore, etc. The main exported products are: slitting roller series; cable and wire processing machine series; Tungsten and Molybdenum material swaging, punching, and wire drawing machine series; multi-stage bender series. Those exported products have received praise and recognition from overseas customers.

    In recent years, with further implementation of China Open and Reform policy, the Northwest Machine Company has readjusted product mix to adapt to changes of international economy. The Northwest Machine Company has contracted to manufacture large scale machines of steel tube production line, Metal strip production line for BRONX INTERNATIONAL,USA, MONDRAGON CORPORACION, Spain, etc and undertaken the manufacturing of products for GE, USA, AROSTEEL, ITALY, NU-DAY SYSTEMS, LLC, USA, etc. By cooperating with these companies, the Northwest Machine Company has gained much stronger abilities to compete in the world and won more international recognition.

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