Micro-electronic element manufacturing equipment
Semiconductor material processing equipment
Mechanical environment and reliability testing equipment
Electronic parts manufacturing equipment
Cable and wire processing equipment
Plate and strip materials precision processing equipment
Electricity lamp-house equipment
Tungsten and molybdenum materials processing equipment
Petroleum and steel tube manufacturing equipment
Precision machine tool and ball screw etc


Ten types of products → Micro-electronic element manufacturing equipment:  
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Model J51600/ZF 6〃 Automatic Dicing Saw

Model J51200/ZF 8〃Automatic Dicing Saw

Model J51152/ZF 6 inches Dicing Saw

Model J5175-1/ZF Diamond Cutter Dicing Saw

Model J50300-1/ZF Multi-blade Slice Saw

Model J52152/ZF Manual Wafer Facing Machine

Model L36250/ZF Wafer Heater

Model L36600/ZF Wafer Heater

SO series Wafer Processing System

Model H52200/ZF Automatic Mask-plate Coater

semi-automatic wafer processing system

SP series Wafer Processing System
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